"A Thing Made Very Well"

Here is where you should find the answers to the most common questions about our Boot Camp Workshops. Please read the page thoroughly before contacting us. If you do not find the answer(s) to your question(s) here, then feel free to email us at [email protected] our us the online form on the "Contact Us" page of this website.  

When are the NTUMA'PA Boot Camp Workshops?

The Boot Camp Workshops have been moved to 19 February - 8 March 2016. Final/confirmed workshop dates/times will be posted by 31 January 2016 and as instructors' availability are confirmed.  The Boot Camp interactive online registration calendar and schedule by 5 February 2016 where paid/registered students can put their names in the workshop slots they wish to attend. Thank you for your patience and understanding!] We plan to present as many of the Apparel Production Skills Workshops (pattern making, draping...) as alternating day and evening and some all day Saturday with open lab/studio hours on Sundays to accommodate folks' work and school schedules while others will be taught in long time blocks on specific days (mostly in the evenings).

[For instance: If we offer a pattern drafting workshop topic from 9:30am to 12:30pm on Monday and Wednesday, we may also offer the same topic from 6pm to 9pm on Wed.]

Not all Boot Camp Workshop Apparel Production studio/lab sessions will be repeated.

Where are the Boot Camp Workshops?

NTUMA'PA Boot Camp Workshops will be held at a location TBA.

What are the NTUMA'PA acronyms?

These are the various most common acronyms abbreviations you'll see/hear in association with the NTUMA'PA Boot Camp Workshops, Fashion Incubator and memberships: 

APSW = Apparel Production Shills Workshops

iMD = A RWU In-house Member Designers @ $190 annual membership fee  [for Afrikan/Black Designers only]

NAD = NTUMA'PA Affiliate Designer Membership @ $115 annual membership fee [for all ethnicities]

AFD = Associate Fashion Designers membership @ $45 annual membership fee [open to designers and apparel technicians all ethnicities and levels of experience]

BIPAM= Basic Industry Professional Associate Member @ $35 [for MUA, Hair Stylists, Photographers, Fashion Stylists...]

F.I.C.A = Fashion Industries Council of Austin

How do I hold my place in the Boot Camp Workshops?

To hold your place in one or more workshops (and to ensure minimum enrollment numbers) you must pre-register online then either pay the full amount for a workshop(s) or pay the minimum deposits for the workshop(s) at the time of registration or later and, definitely by 1 February. 

Click here for PDF Boot Camp Pre-Registration guidelines and registration form. (It can also be printed from this link.)

  • The minimum deposit amounts for non-scholarship recipients are listed with each workshop description on the "Boot Camp Pre-               Registration" page or on the Boot Camp Course Description page. 
  • Boot Camp Eventbrite payment page at:  http://ntumapa-w-2016bootcampworkshops.eventbrite.com

What is an "Access" Scholarship?

Unfortunately due to a lack of appreciation for the efforts and expense RWU, NTUMA'PA, our staff, instructors/presenters and our supporters go through in order to make our Boot Camp, Sewing Retreats and other NTUMA'PA programs happen and successful we decided to longer offer "full" scholarships to designer participants.  Now designers (fashion, accessory, shoes...) scholarship applicants may receive Reduced Fee Scholarships or be past In-House Member Designers. Either will reduced course fees and lab fees in order to have "full" access to Boot Camp Workshop sessions and/or Sewing Retreat workshops. This only applies to designers. It does not apply to aspiring or experienced Apparel Techs, Stylists,  with financial need.

What if I'm applying for an "Access" Scholarship, do I still need to pre-register?

  • Yes! If you are applying for an "Access" or Partial Scholarship or are a Blue Moon, NTUMA'PA, RWU designer member scholarship recipient, you must still submit your online pre-registration form to hold your place until we've had a chance to review scholarship applications and affiliations and approve them.  
  • Pre-Registration applies to both early and late registration periods.

If you are not applying for a scholarship you must pay the minimum deposit fees for individual sessions or group packages you are registering for. This also ensures that you are paying the early fee amounts.

All Boot Camp student participants, including scholarship recipients must pay a $75-$175 Lab Fees by 1 February 2016 in order to hold their place in the workshops they are pre-registered for.  Lab Fees are a one-time fee for Boot Camp and/or Sewing Retreat participants and scholarship recipients wanting to take all the Boot Camp Workshops, not per course/session. 

Examples of Lab Fee Breakdowns: 

1. If you're a Boot Camp Access scholarship recipient who is also participating in the Sewing Retreat your Lab Fees could be $125.

2.  If you're a Boot Camp Access scholarship recipient who is also participating in the Sewing Retreat and you're approved to participate in the Master Couture Garment workshops your Lab Fees could be $175.

3. If you're only participating in the full Boot Camp or all the Skills Studio/Lab series your Lab Fees could be $75.

What are the Boot Camp registration deadlines? 

NTUMA'PA Boot Camp Workshops registration periods are as follows:

Pre/Early Registration: 15 October - 7 February (extended)

Late registration: 8-13 February 2016 

LATE REGISTRATION FEES!!! There is a one-time, nonrefundable $25 late fee for anyone enrolling in 1-3 individual workshops, demos and/or presentations after the pre-registration deadline and after the Boot Camp starts. There is a $15-$25 late fee for individual sessions, a $50 late fee surcharge for three for block of three (3) workshops, demos, presentations or a $75 late fee for the entire series,. Late fees are non-refundable. These are late registration/enrollment "surcharges". 

Final Scholarship application results will be announced by Monday, 20 January 2016 (for adult applicants) and 1 February for high school applicants. 

The Scholarship Application link opens 15 October through 25 December 2015 (extended for adults) and through 31 January for high school students only.

Click here for the online Scholarship Application (it can also be printed out at this link). The Scholarship Application link is closed.

What is the Boot Camp Workshops scholarship deadline? 

The Boot Camp Workshops scholarship application deadline is Thursday, 25 December 2015. This deadline applies to both "Access" and Partial Scholarship applications. All scholarship applicants and recipients must submit the online pre-registration form (on the "Preregistration" page of this website) as part of the application process at the same time of scholarship application.

What if my request for an "Access" Scholarship is not approved?

If your application for an Access Scholarship is not approved you may be approved for a partial scholarship.  

If you are not approved for an Access or Partial Scholarship you will be allowed to pay the early registration course fee amounts, not the late registration surcharges. The balance of partial scholarship recipients' workshop fees must be paid in full by the Friday, 5 February 2016 deadline. 

If your are approved for a Partial or Access Scholarship you must make arrangements with our staff by 5 February to determine your volunteer-intern schedule hours. In other words all scholarship recipients must put in volunteer-intern hours with RWU, NTUMA'PA and/or Jise Fashion Journal to "work off" part of the Boot Camp Workshop (and Sewing Retreat) fees either before, during and/or after the Boot Camp.

How many volunteer-intern hours must be completed for scholarship recipients?

Volunteer-intern hours may be from 10-30 hours over a one to three month period. We will hold Boot Camp certificates until volunteer-intern hours have been completed. College and High School juniors and seniors may receive credits for classes or programs you are participating in at your schools for your volunteer-intern work. For instance: If the workshops you registered for totaled $1000 and your partial scholarship covers 50% of that ($500.00) you may have 25-50 volunteer-intern hours to complete.

If scholarship recipients default on their volunteer-intern hours they will be billed for the balance of the unpaid portion of their workshops and/or banded from applying for scholarships for future Boot Camp Workshops (and Sewing Retreats). 

Who do I make checks and money orders payable to?

Please make money orders and checks payable to RunWay Underground with NTUMA'PA 2016 Winter Boot Camp Workshops" on the "for" line. Yes, we will provide you with a receipt/invoice.

What if I need or want to make installment payment arrangements?

You should send us an email to [email protected] with "Boot Camp Installment Payment Request" in the subject heading. The email should tell us what workshops you will or have registered for and what amount(s) you're able to pay and the time frame (i.e. $50-$100 once a week or $150-$175 every two weeks...). Again, for those on a installment the complete balance of the workshops you've registered for must be paid in full on or before 15 March 2016. 

Can I get a refund on the workshops I've registered for?

Yes, you can receive a full refund of your paid registration fees if a workshop is cancelled by RWU/NTUMA'PA and no replacement workshop/presentation or instructor is arranged. 

Please Note: We may cancel, combine or move workshops or sessions at our discretion and if they do not make the minimum enrollment requirements for an individual session. 

Changes in instructors and presenters is not an acceptable reason for a refund requests.

If you decide to drop a workshop you must do so with a five (5) day advance notice in writing/via email to receive a refund on paid fees minus a 25% cancellation service charge that will be deducted from refunds. Of course this does not include major, unforeseen emergencies and tragedies... We'll handle these incidences on a case by case basis... 

  • No refunds will be given for no shows or missed sessions or because participants don't like the instructor(s).
  • No refunds for drop outs.
  • No refunds will be given if you enroll in a session(s) and just don't show up, decide you don't like it or don't want to             continue coming.
  • No refund requests will be accepted after 12 February 2016 for paid Entire Boot Camp Series Packages and Access           Scholarships or Reduce Fee-Scholarship recipients.
  • All refund requests must be in writing (i.e. email...).
  • No refunds on membership fees once the Boot Camp begins.
  • There is a minimum five (5) day request for refunds prior to start of a session. This does not apply to those enrolled            in/paid for the entire Boot Camp package.
  • Lab Fee payments are non-refundable.
  • Late-Surcharges fees are non-refundable.
  • Access Scholarships or Reduce Fee-Scholarship recipients who drop out will be required to pay fees for sessions                 attended at full rates and ineligible for future scholarships.
  • Admissions to the Master Couture Garment workshop session on 6 March is by invitation only and at the discretion of      RWU and NTUMA'PA executive staff and lead instructors.

Can I miss a workshop session that I'm enrolled in?

We don't advise missing any sessions of the Apparel Production Skills workshops taught by our visiting guest instructor. These are intensive hands on workshops. Students will receive a lot of information and are expected to complete assignments in a compressed amount of time.  Missing a session is not advisable if you're not that familiar with a topic as you risk the chance of falling behind or missing some important information.  We will not be able to take the time to catch anyone up for missed sessions.  Students registered for a workshop that is offered during the day do not have to attend the same workshop offered in the evening (or visa versa). Just as long as you attend a day or night section of the apparel production studio workshop you are enrolled in is fine. 

Can I bring my children to the workshops?

Unfortunately not. We will not have any accommodations for children (16 and under) during this Boot Camp, to give consideration to other students, for insurance reasons given the type of workroom environment and pace of the work.

What are the costs of the Boot Camp Workshops?

2016 NTUMA'PA Winter Boot Camp Workshop fees are as follows††:

-Individual Courses range from $15 - $175 (during early/pre-registration)  

We may add new workshops, presentations and demos at our discretion, please check the Boot Camp Info and Calendar pages for updates. 

These additions may necessitate an increase in the group series and full package fees to accommodate new workshops. See below...

Those who have already submitted full payments for a group series or full package fees must pay any differences for added sessions and for the Master Couture Garment Workshop for those not enrolled and pre-approved for the this special session by 5 March 2016.  

Admissions to the Master Couture Garment workshop session is by invitation only and at the discretion of RWU and       NTUMA'PA executive staff and lead instructors.

Full Apparel Production Skills Section Individual Fees [min. enrollment 5 & max. is 18 per workshop]

  • Hand Pattern Drafting I & II @ $175 early registration 
  • Apparel Draping @ $175 early registration 
  • Garment Construction Sewing Master Tutorials @ $115 early registration
  • Costing/Specifications & Marker Making @ $75 early registration
  • Apparel Specifications (includes Costing) @ $65 early registration
  • Atelier, Hand Stitching & Fabric Manipulation Techniques @ $45 early registration
[All Boot Camp Workshop session fees are subject to change without notice.]

Master Couture Garment Making Workshop @ $125 for individuals (with approval) not enrolled in individual or   group Boot sessions or any group Boot Camp workshops.

• Scholarship recipients approved for this workshop will pay a $75 Lab Fee due by/on 31 January 2016. This Lab Fee is for Full Apparel   Production Skill Section and Entire Boot Camp Series paid students (with approval).

• Enrollment in this newly added Master Workshop is by approval from RWU/NTUMA'PA lead workroom staff & our guest instructor. 

• This Master Workshop is also for designers and/or apparel technicians with advanced garment construction skills only! 

• Only up to 12 students will be admitted to this workshop — 6 designers and 6 apparel technicians who will be paired up in teams of   two to drape, cut, fit and create a completed muslin of the garment designed by designer partner.

• Teams will work from a new sketch/design or one the designer already has for a couture garment (a gown, cocktail dress, suit, jacket   or coat....). 

• Students interested in taking this workshop must meet specific skills requirements and abilities that will be assessed before enrollment   is approved. 

• Students must also commit to attending this master workshop the entire time it is offered (11am up to 7pm Sunday, 6 March 2016). 

• • Open lab/studio hours until 10pm on 6 March; 10am-10pm on Monday, 7 March and 10am-4pm Tuesday, 8 March.

Studio and Lecture-Presentation Workshops:

~ Flat Garment Sketching (hand & a digital-technical demo using Illustrator) @ $90

~ Fashion-Life Drawing @ $115 early registration 

~ Fashion Industry Business & Production Basics @ $75 early registration

~ Textile-Apparel Industry Resourcing* $75 early registration

~ Textile Science*$75 early registration

~ Apparel Manufacturing Fundamentals* $75 early registration

[*Take all three of these lecture-presentation series @ $185 early registration]

Non-Scholarship recipients:

Pre-Registration Entire Apparel Production Skills Section (= workshops 23-31 January 2016) @ $500 by 8 February 2016.

Pre-Registration Entire Boot Camp Series Package (= all the Boot Camp Workshops) $700 by 7 February (w/early registration).

Late Registration Entire Boot Camp Series Package $775  (8-13 February 2016).

[FYI, these workshops are reduced from $1350 & $1800 full price for the full Apparel Production studio section and the entire Boot Camp package.]

Entire Series Package and fees means you can attend all the workshops and lecture-presentations for the entire Boot Camp for one fee - $700.

When is the next Boot Camp Workshops Session?

The next NTUMA'PA Boot Camp Workshops will be the Summer Session - dates TBA with an emphasis on Textile Arts and Designer Production Preparedness.  Updates to this website will be posted regularly.

Our 2016 Summer Boot Camp Workshops will be in June 2016, dates to TBA — with updated info in February 2016.